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    If you have covered your air conditioner, remove the cover and pull it away from the air conditioner.

    Check the air conditioner breaker or fuses at your electrical panel and make sure they are on.

    Turn your humidifier off and shut off the bypass damper.

    In a warm day (Over 19 Celsius) turn your Thermostat switch from “Heat” or “Off” to “Cool”. Lower the temperature setting on your thermostat a few degrees below the room temperature. In a couple of minutes you should be able to hear the furnace fan and the unit outside operating. Shortly after, you should be able to feel cool air coming out of the vent.

    On a monthly basis check the furnace filter. Its cleanliness is critical to the efficient operation of the air conditioner.

    Clear away debris such as leaves, grass, weeds and plants that block airflow through the outdoor condensing unit, which is the large metal box in your yard next to your home. Anything that collects on the unit’s fins will block airflow and reduce its efficiency. Grass clippings thrown by the lawn mower are particularly common offenders.

    Occasionally clean the outdoor condensing unit by spraying it with a water hose.

    Check to make sure air conditioning vents inside your home are not obstructed by furniture.

    Before you call for an emergency service technician to come and fix your system. We recommend trying these 3 tips, they will save you $$$$ and time.

    • Check the thermostat to verify that it is calling for cooling.
    • Check your breaker box to verify if the breaker is on.
    • Check the furnace switch to make sure that it is not turned off
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