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Heat Recovery Ventilator Richmond Hill

Heat Recovery Ventilator in Richmond Hill


Heat recovery ventilator in greater toronto area.

Heat recovery ventilators (HRV) are a controlled ventilation system. Their purpose is to limit humidity levels, pollutants, and odours in the air through the process of replacing stale air with fresh, warm air. A heat recovery ventilator pre-heats fresh air as it enters your home.

The HRV is made up of two fans, one that draws stale and polluted air out of your home and one that draws clean fresh air into it. As outdoor air is moving through the system, it is heated or cooled according to the temperature to assist with climate control inside the home.

HRVs have been proven so effective, as of January 1, 2017 the Ontario Building Code was revised to require heat recovery systems installed in all new homes. If you live in a home built before January 2017 that does not have an HRV, you always have the option to install one so you can reap its benefits.

Save Money

One of the greatest benefits of an HRV is that it saves you money! A heat recovery ventilator prevents heat from escaping from your home. As a result, your furnace works less to heat your home, therefore saving you more energy and money.

In this economy and with energy prices on the rise, an HRV is beneficial in any home. Purchasing and installing a Heat Recovery Ventilator in Richmond Hill has a high return on investment – making it a valuable choice for any homeowner.

Healthy Environment

In addition to preventing heat from escaping outside your home, heat recovery ventilators also bring fresh air into your home. When homes become too damp, mold and fungus can begin to grow. Bathrooms are particularly susceptible to this problem. This moisture and growth can cause negative health impacts for those living around it. Installing an HRV in Richmond Hill creates a healthier environment as the moisture is largely eliminated.

Less Dust & Cleaner Home

Like many people you may become frustrated with how often you need to clean your house. With better air quality produced by a heat recovery ventilator, you can expect less dust and therefore reduce the need to clean as often.

At Aire One, we carry a large selection of HRV’s right for your home. Are you interested in getting a heat recovery ventilator in Richmond Hill? Contact us to discuss your options with one of our highly skilled professionals!


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