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Central Air Conditioner Hamilton

Central Air Conditioner Hamilton

central air conditioner hamilton


Summer temperatures can become uncomfortably high, which is why a central air conditioner in Hamilton is integral for your comfort and safety.  Having a good central air conditioner brings many benefits to the quality of life in your home. These include (but are not limited to):

Improved air qualitywith increased circulation and filtration, central air conditioners improve the air quality in your home leaving you with cleaner and fresher air to breathe.

Healthier environmentcooler temperatures and improved air quality ultimately lead to a happier and healthier existence. Both physical and mental health can be compromised in extreme heat making it difficult to be positive and productive. With cooler temperatures, people also sleep better and feel well rested.

Preserves furniturethe humidity that often results from extreme heat can be damaging to furniture within the home. A central air conditioner protects wood and fabric from damage due to excessive moisture.

Reduced noise and invasionwithout a central air conditioner, windows must often be opened to let fresh air into the home. Unfortunately, this can also let in noise, disruption and insects. With a central air conditioner, the windows can remain closed to reduce these frustrations.

Weigh Your Options – Air Conditioner Models

At Aire One, we offer both Carrier and York brands of central air conditioners. With a wide variety of models, we have options to suit your unique needs. Use the links below to compare the different makes and models of air conditioners we recommend:



Central Air Conditioner – Installation Process

Choosing the right central air conditioner is not the only important aspect of cooling your home, it is also important to make sure it is installed properly. At Aire One, we have a dedicated team of professionals to manage your installation and maintenance needs.

It is very important to have a central air conditioner installed by a licensed HVAC professional. With our team’s knowledge and skills, the installation process is simple for you, but we believe it’s still important to know what to expect. While every job is different, the installation process typically follows these steps:

  1.      Installation of new duct system or repairs to existing ducts.
  2.      Preparation of the installation site – this may include installing support for the air conditioner unit.
  3.      Positioning the air conditioner.
  4.      Securing the air conditioner in the appropriate position.
  5.      Connecting the indoor and outdoor units.
  6.      Calibrating the thermostat to work with the air conditioner.
  7.      Charging the air conditioner with refrigerant.
  8.      Beginning to run the air conditioner and cooling your home.

Central Air Conditioners in Hamilton

The team at Aire One offers exceptional customer service through a client-focused approach. We have been recognized with numerous awards, including the Lennox Customer Service Award and York Growth Award, to highlight our commitment to our customers.

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