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Why You Should Install a Whole House Humidifier

whole house humidifier for couple suffering from cold.

We usually feel the safest in our homes. It’s our sanctuary. Our safe place. But all the locks, security systems and cameras in the world can’t protect us from one danger: bad air quality. It may seem fictitious, but there are real health concerns when it comes to having bad air in your home. The best way to combat inadequate and dry air quality is a whole house humidifier. Here’s everything you should know about whole house humidifiers  and the benefits of installing one in your home:

What can happen to the air in your home during winter?

Winter is already a time of year for sickness to creep up on us. Many viruses thrive in low-humidity environments, which heavily increases your chances of catching the flu, colds and other respiratory issues. Also, an overly dry environment has the tendency to make people more susceptible to these ailments.

Air that is over-dry can also aggravate people who already have asthma and allergy symptoms. This, in turn, can lead to dry noses, sore throats, itchy skin and more.

Dry air isn’t just bad for you, it’s also bad for your home. It can damage many things in your home, including wood floors, plaster, paint, musical instruments and electronics. A whole house humidifier is a solution to protecting your health and your home.

How does a whole house humidifier work?

Basically, a whole house humidifier is a larger version of the type that a lot of people already have in their home.

It’s installed close to your furnace and bypassed into your ductwork either on the supply or return end. The unit also gets connected to your home’s water supply. The water is heated, evaporates into the air and flows throughout your home. This increases the air’s moisture levels when it exists on the opposite side of the humidifier.

The level of humidity is controlled and monitored by your thermostat. You can easily adjust and keep an even level of moisture in your home.

The benefits of a whole house humidifier

Installing a whole house humidifier is a simple concept and the benefits are huge.

Feel like you’re always suffering from a sore throat or cold? Installing a whole house humidifier can reduce a dry, scratchy throat when you wake up. It also prevents germs and viruses from spreading in low-humidity environments.

Whole house humidifiers are also a great investment for long term savings. When you turn up your thermostat you’re raising the temperature in your home, but it doesn’t necessarily always make you feel warmer. Installing a home humidifier make you feel warmer at a lower temperature, because of addition humidity which holds more heat. This can save you more money on your hydro bill.

Furthermore, a whole house humidifier only needs to be cleaned once or twice a year to remove mineral deposits. So, you get all these benefits with hardly any maintenance or repairs needed.

Your family and home deserves the best you can give them. Installing a whole house humidifier is an inexpensive, easy and impactful way to improve your health. Contact Aire One today to learn more!

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