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one stage furnace vs two stage furnace

When shopping for furnaces, homeowners will come across the terms one-stage and two-stage. This choice presents differences in purchasing, operating,...

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Why Humidity is important for your home

Aire One, a heating and cooling company operating in Ontario, doesn’t just make sure that your home is at the...

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ac covered with snow

As you know, the winter months are filled with snow and ice. Because of this, many people wonder if part...

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Man fixing a faulty blower

Today’s furnace is state-of-the-art heating equipment that is virtually mechanically solid state due to new engineered designs. What this means...

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5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

When the colder weather sets in, you naturally want to stay indoors in a nice warm home. The problem is...

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Types of home heating systems

Home heating is among the biggest use of energy in a home. These systems ensure that your home is heated...

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Fun facts about boilers

Boiler is a type of home heating system along with furnaces and heat pumps. Continue reading to learn 5 fun...

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4 Problems with your heating system

Your heating and cooling systems are essential for the comfort of your home. It’s necessary to maintain your HVAC system...

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Garage & Shop Heaters
Garages and small shops have specific heating needs because oftentimes they are open-air spaces. To meet...

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Pipes freeze in home.

Despite all the warnings and chatter that circulates annually as the cold weather approaches, frozen pipes are a reality that plagues many families...

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whole house humidifier for couple suffering from cold.

We usually feel the safest in our homes. It’s our sanctuary. Our safe place. But all the locks, security systems and cameras in the...

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woman feet with blanket

The leaves are changing colour, falling, blowing in the wind, and soon, you’ll see bare branches all around you. It’s a sight you probably...

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