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Why Humidity is important for your home in winter
Why Humidity is important for your home

Aire One, a heating and cooling company operating in Ontario, doesn’t just make sure that your home is at the right temperature. As a licensed company with experienced technicians Aire One can also provide information about humidity and how it impacts your comfort and health, especially during the winter months.

In winter, the ideal humidity level is between 40% and 50%. Problems arise, however, when you increase the temperature by turning on the furnace. Although there is more heat, the amount of moisture in the air stays the same. And because humidity is relative, and warmer air can actually hold more moisture, the relative humidity will decrease. This is why it’s important to use a humidifier during the winter if you live in an area that becomes cold and dry, especially when you turn on the heat.

The effects of low humidity can range from pesky static cling and shocks to more serious respiratory infections. You can experience dry skin or eyes, and mucous membranes may become irritated when they’re too dry. This is why it’s common to have a sore throat when your home is too dry.

It’s less common to experience humidity that’s too high during winter, but it can happen, perhaps as a result of running a humidifier that’s not right for your space. Because our homes are shut up during the winter to keep the cold out, moisture sometimes becomes trapped inside. One of the signs that your home is too humid is condensation on your windows. A musty odor is also a surefire sign of too much humidity. You can feel the stickiness of high humidity on your skin. Mold, mildew, and dust mites all thrive in humid conditions as well.

Although you can use a standalone humidifier, you can also consider an HVAC system that takes humidity into consideration alongside its ability to heat. Aire One, a trusted heating and cooling company with over 20 years of experience can provide more information about the HVAC system and tools that best meet your needs to keep your home comfortable and your family healthy. Contact us today to find out more.

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