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4 Most Common Problems With Your Heating System
4 Problems with your heating system

Your heating and cooling systems are essential for the comfort of your home. It’s necessary to maintain your HVAC system to ensure it functions properly and efficiently. You can also prevent expensive repairs by having your heating and cooling units maintained by a professional. If you’re HVAC isn’t working the way it should, then it’s probably one of these four common heating and cooling problems.

Heat Isn’t Dispersed Evenly Throughout The House

You may notice some rooms feel chillier than others, or that there’s no heat at all in some rooms. This could be caused by closed vents, dirty air filters or duct problems.

No Heat In The Entire House

If your heat isn’t coming on at all, then you’ll want to check the thermostat to make sure it’s set high enough for the heat to come on. If you rely on a furnace for heating, then it may have a part that needs replacing, dirty evaporator coils or filters.

Your Furnace Is Leaking

A little condensation is normal for a furnace, but if it’s leaking water, then it’s a sign of trouble. If this is the case, then you may have a clogged drain or pipe which is stopping the furnace from turning on.

Low Pressure In The Boiler

Boilers and radiators need constant water pressure to work properly. If your pressure gauge is low, then you may have a leak in the drainage pipes. Bleeding the radiator also can create low pressure in the system since the pressure drops as the air is released from the system.

When Should You Call A Heating And Cooling Professional?

It can be frustrating when your heat stops working, especially during the chill of winter. There are some things that you can do easily to fix the problem such as opening a vent or changing a clogged air filter. However, mechanical, electrical and ductwork issues should all be handled by a experienced and licensed professionals from Aire One, heating and cooling company, operating all over Ontario. Don’t forget to book annual maintenance to keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently. Contact us today and receive a 24-hour emergency service.

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