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Types of Home Heating Systems
Types of home heating systems

Home heating is among the biggest use of energy in a home. These systems ensure that your home is heated so that you can be comfortable, and systems such as plumbing remain functional.

There are four main Types of Heating Systems:


A forced-air furnace that relies on ignition of propane or natural gas to heat air before that air is distributed throughout the house in your ductwork by a blow.


A boiler system relies on oil or electricity to heat water, which is then sent as steam through your home through radiators or radiant floor heating. As the steam cools and condenses, it returns to the boiler, and the process begins again.

Heat Pumps

There are two types of heat pumps. Air pumps transfer heat from the air between the inside and outside of a home while a ground pump transfers heat between the air inside of a home and the ground outside. The pump absorbs heat from the air and moves it where you want it. A heat pump can heat and cool in this way.


A traditional fireplace burns wood, allowing heat to spread to the immediate area. Smoke exits through a chimney. The process continues when the hot air in the chimney rises and creates a draft that pulls up more hot air behind it.

While fireplaces were once made from brick, that style has fallen out of favor due to the cost. Modern fireplaces consist of a firebox in which flammable gas is lit, and ceramic-fiber logs give the impression of burning wood. Air and gas are exchanged via pipes.

There are a few more heating options, including space heaters. These portable heaters can heat a small space but are not intended to heat an entire house. This includes gas-fired heaters, which require some gas, and electric heaters. Space heaters may be a good option for bedrooms or even cabins.

There are several factors that determine which heating system is the best, including space, the cost of installation, maintenance, and electricity or fuel, and safety. Professionals at Aire One, heating and cooling company operating in Ontario with over 30 years of experience, can help you make that decision. Contact us for more information.

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