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One-Stage vs Two-stage Furnace
One Stage and Two stage furnace

When shopping for furnaces, homeowners will come across the terms one-stage and two-stage. This choice presents differences in purchasing, operating, and repair costs due to the way these furnaces work. Single-stage furnaces always operate at 100% power, while dual-stage furnaces can operate at 70% or 100% power.

The main benefit of a one-stage furnace is its price. Not only are these furnaces more affordable to purchase, but they are durable and less expensive to repair than two-stage furnaces. Two-stage furnaces have a higher cost due to the second heat exchanger and may cost more to repair; although, they are just as durable. Aire One, a heating and cooling company being in this industry for over 30 years, have experience with both types and is able to make repairs.

Because most one-stage furnaces have a blower that operates at max speed and volume, the furnace blows more cold air through the ducts than a two-stage furnace, which typically has a multi-speed blower that blows less forcefully before the furnace has fully heated up. For this reason, single-stage furnaces have a greater temperature variability. A one-stage furnace can swing up to 4 degrees while a two-stage furnace has temperature swings of only one or two degrees.

Another benefit of a two-stage furnace is its longer cycle, which enables the air in your home to be pulled through the furnace more frequently than with a one-stage furnace. Although this is not as effective as running an air purifier, it does remove more dust and debris from the air. The longer cycles also cause a humidifier that’s connected to the HVAC system run longer, producing a more comfortable indoor climate.

When it comes to efficiency, two-stage furnaces are more efficient. The longer cycle runs more consistently at lower power. These furnaces have efficiency ratings between 95% and 97%, while single-stage furnaces have slightly lower efficiency ratings of between 90% and 95%. This efficiency can make up the price difference over the life of the furnace.

If you’re unsure which type of furnace is right for you, licensed and factory trained professionals at Aire One can provide advice. Contact us today for more information.

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