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When’s a Boiler not a Boiler? 5 Fun Facts!
Boiler fun facts

Boiler is a type of home heating system along with furnaces and heat pumps. Continue reading to learn 5 fun facts about Boilers every homeowner should know.

1. Boilers Aren’t Boilers

Older models might have boiled the water, but not anymore. The change came with an increase in efficiency: keeping the water between 140 and 190 F decreases the energy required to keep your house warm. Less fuel is used, and it experiences less wear-and-tear by not having steam in the pipes.

Keeping the water at a steady, stable temperature also means your home will be the same way.

2. All the Heat, None of the Humidity

Constantly having hot water circulating through the house would increase humidity, and possibly damage your furniture and belongings, right?

Not at all. The boiler’s system is completely closed from the rest of the house. The hot water only circulates through the pipes and boiler itself. All the materials and pipes are non-porous, so no water or even water vapor can escape into your home. Powered by water, but your home stays dry and cozy.

3. Heating Bill Down, Water Bill Up?

Boilers recycle their water, reheating it whenever it cools instead of using new water every time. Your water bill remains steady, and your heating bill goes down.

They do need to keep a consistent pressure to work at optimum efficiency, so adding or removing water may be necessary during regular maintenance. An experienced heating and cooling company such as Aire One, operating in Ontario can help you with the process.

4. Heat, Energy, and Water Efficiency

Modern boilers aren’t the old energy sucks they used to be. High-efficiency boilers use at least 85% of the fuel they consume. Because they don’t boil the water, they’re also using less fuel to maintain the heat.

5. Low Maintenance

Boilers have fewer moving parts than furnaces, and any problems are minor inconveniences that alert you to speak with professionals from Aire One, a heating and cooling company with over 30 years of experience, such as the upstairs not getting warm enough. You can even increase the life of your boiler yourself by checking the pressure stays between 12 and 15 psi.

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