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3 Benefits of a Whole-House Humidifier

A whole-house humidifier is connected to the home’s hot air ducts and cold air. A whole-house humidifier can either work independently from your heating and cooling system or with it. When your humidifier is switched on, water will accumulate inside of a tray. The air that passes through the heating and cooling ducts will travel through the tray, pick up moisture, cycle through the furnace, and then returns through the duct system where the moisture-filled air is distributed through the home. If you’re interested in a whole-house humidifier and are considering HVAC services in Ontario, read on to learn the benefits.

The Purpose of a Whole-House Humidifier

Ultimately, the purpose of a whole-house humidifier is to help homeowners add moisture to otherwise dry air. It is designed to help homeowners make their home and their bodies more comfortable throughout the day. Whole-house humidifiers are especially beneficial for individuals who deal with issues such as itchy and dry skin and sinus congestion.

Healthier Air Leads to a Healthier You

We need moisture in the air to keep our nasal passages moist and comfortable. When the air lacks moisture, it dries out our nasal passages. This causes irritation to areas in our body such as the skin, eyes, nose, and mouth.

Protects Your Furniture

Many homeowners don’t realize it, but when your air is too dry it can affect your finishes and furnishings. This is especially the case if you have wood. Dry air can cause finishes and furniture to shrink, wrap, and crack. However, a whole-house humidifier will ensure you have the best air circulating your home at all times.

Save Money on Energy Bills

When you increase the amount of moisture in the air, it generally helps your home feel warmer at a lower temperature. This means you can reduce the amount of heat dispensed.

We know that living comfortably in your home is a top priority. One of the best ways homeowners can increase their level of comfort is by paying attention to the air. If you are in need of a new humidifier, check out the variety of options we offer at Aire One Heating and Cooling, with locations all over Ontario. To learn more about improving your indoor air quality with a whole house humidifier, contact us today.

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