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3 Most Common Heat Pump Problems

Heat pumps in Toronto are becoming increasingly popular because they are energy efficient and can save homeowners money on their heating bills. However, like all appliances, they might malfunction and require repair. This blog post discusses three common problems with heat pumps and HVAC maintenance.

A Heat Pump Does Not Turn On

There are a few reasons why a heat pump may not turn on. One common reason is that the thermostat is set to “off” or in the wrong mode. First, ensure that the thermostat is set to “heat” and turned up high enough to trigger the heat pump. If this does not solve the problem, check if there is power going to the heat pump. If there is no power, try resetting the breaker. If there is power, but the heat pump still does not turn on, it may be faulty and require repair. Contact technicians at Aire One Heating and Cooling, HVAC maintenance in Southern Ontario for assistance.

A Heat Pump Does Not Heat

Another common problem with a heat pump is that it fails to heat, but fortunately, they are all pretty easy to fix. If your heat pump isn’t heating, try one of these solutions:

  1. Check to make sure the thermostat is set to “heat” mode and that the temperature is turned up high enough.
  2. Make sure the filters are clean and free of debris.
  3. Ensure nothing is blocking or covering the outdoor unit.

If you’ve tried all of these things and your heat pump still isn’t heating, call a technician at Aire One Heating and Cooling serving regions across Ontario. We will diagnose the problem and recommend a solution.

A Heat Pump Does Not Cool

When a heat pump does not cool, it can be due to several reasons. One reason may be that the refrigerant charge is low. If this is the case, you will need to add more refrigerants to the system. Another common problem is a dirty filter because it restricts airflow and reduces cooling capacity. Therefore, you should replace or clean the filter as necessary. Finally, if your heat pump is not cooling properly, it may be because the fan blades are loose or damaged. In this case, you will need to have them repaired or replaced.

If you face any of these problems, contact our technicians at Aire One Heating and Cooling as soon as possible!

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