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4 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe While You’re On Vacation

Don’t let your worries about what might happen to your home while you’re away on vacation keep you from taking a much-needed break. If you follow these 4 simple tips, it will be easy for you to enjoy some time off and know that everything is taken care of at home.

Why Do You Need to Protect Your Home While on Vacation?

1. Keep your property safe from intruders
The biggest reason for protecting your home while you’re on vacation is to keep it safe from intruders. Most people worry about someone breaking in via a window or door, but there are other ways to break into a home too. If you have a pool, you need to either drain and cover it or invest in a temporary safety cover.

2. Minimize the damage from home accidents and appliance problems
While you’re out of town, there’s always the chance that something like a broken water pipe or electrical issue will occur. You can reduce these risks by making sure your home maintenance is up to date.

3. Save money on your utilities
You should also consider what will happen to your utility bills if you leave them for an extended period, especially if it’s hot and sunny and likely to be a particularly hot stretch when you’re gone.

Ways to Protect Your Home

1) Set up an HVAC system
You can save some energy by properly setting up your home’s HVAC system. For example, you should make sure that your house is sealed shut, that the thermostat isn’t on too high of a temperature of Heating, and that you keep the shades drawn during the day to block out sunlight through windows. You can hire HVAC services to set up the HVAC system for you.

2) Protect pipes with insulation
Pipes are always at risk of freezing when it gets too cold outside. To prevent this from happening, make sure your pipes are properly insulated. You can also consider using a pipe-insulating device or wrapping each pipe in an insulator, but you should carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

3) Protect your windows and doors
You should also make sure that the windows and doors in your home are properly sealed. You can purchase the insulating film from a hardware store or use double-sided tape to seal any drafty areas, especially around doorknobs and window frames.

4) Secure swimming pools
If you have a swimming pool, you need to drain it completely before leaving on vacation. A pool cover is the best way to keep it protected while you’re away, but if you can’t afford one or don’t have access to it yet, try popping a tarp over the top of your pool instead.

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