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5 Common HVAC Problems During Winter

Many homeowners seek HVAC services in Ontario from Aire One Heating and Cooling to prepare for the colder seasons – because nobody would want to have a faulty HVAC system in the midst of winter. With the harsh weather conditions that winter brings, there are some common HVAC problems that many home owners incur. The good news is, these issues are avoidable if you catch them early. Here are the five most common HVAC problems you need to keep an eye out for during the wintertime!

Frozen Pipes
As the temperatures drop and ice keeps accumulating, the coils and pipes will start freezing over and malfunction. Systems such as hot water heaters can fail since frozen water may stop flowing within the piping, which can be frustrating. In some cases, frozen pipes may burst due to pressure buildup. If that happens, you need to turn off the water and seek HVAC services immediately.

Airflow and Temperature Issues
Air is circulated throughout a home in several ways, depending on the weather. When it comes to winter, rising warm air circulates from the floor diffusers and baseboard radiators. Familiarizing yourself with these problems can help to ensure optimal heating and cooling in your home.

Heat Pump Problems
Some homes rely on warmth from exterior heat pumps, which can be easily damaged by ice and snowfalls. If that happens, they will become less effective. Coil blockage and broken fan motors are some of the common heat pump issues you will notice during the winter.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks
Many homeowners are aware that carbon dioxide is dangerous. The best way you can notice leaks is by installing a detector on all floors. The gas leaks through the cracks in old, rusty heaters. Do you have a system that is over 10 years old? If yes, it is recommended you have a certified HVAC technician inspect the furnace and heating vents as well as perform any necessary maintenance. This is because inadequate ventilation can prevent the poisonous gas from leaving your house.

Dirty Air Filters
Dust and debris can accumulate in an HVAC system over time and cause the clogging of the air filters. This restricts heat, making the unit less effective in warming your home.

If you experience any HVAC issues this winter season, contact Aire One Heating and Cooling, with locations all over the Greater Toronto Area, for any necessary repairs.

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