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5 Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips for September

As the leaves turn and the weather starts to cool down, it’s important to know how you should maintain your HVAC system and prepare it for the cold season ahead.

Get a Professional Tune-Up
Schedule an appointment with a certified technician from Aire One Heating and Cooling, locations all over Ontario, to examine your HVAC system. A technician can let you know if there are any leaks or mildew deposits, and they can also fix any problems before they become serious.

Turn Off the Humidifier
If your furnace has a humidifier, then you should turn it off at the start of the season. Even if you didn’t, this is the time of year to turn it off and replace the humidifier pad. If there’s a humidity setting, then set it to 40 percent before turning the supply back on. This way, the air inside your home won’t be as dry as the cold air outdoors. If you need assistance, schedule an appointment with a certified technician from Aire One Heating and Cooling, HVAC services in Southern Ontario.

Clean Your Vents
Dust and debris can often accumulate in your vents over the summer months. Now’s the time to clean them in order to improve efficiency and lower your energy costs. Even 0.04 millimetres of dust on your vents can lower efficiency by 10 percent.

Clean the Outside Unit
This is true year-round, but it’s especially important as the leaves fall around your unit. On top of that, other plants may have grown around your unit over the summer months, and twigs may have fallen from trees in summer storms. All of these things need to be cleared to avoid long-term damage.

Give Your System a Rest With Fans
Some September days are warmer, and some are cooler. On especially warm days, use fans to spread cooler air throughout your house instead of turning the thermostat to 20 degrees. On cooler days, open your windows to let in cool air without adding stress to your unit. This can keep your HVAC unit running more efficiently for longer.

Living in a place with 4 seasons means taking the necessary steps each season to maintain your HVAC system in order for it to work effectively and efficiently. If you are in need of any HVAC services in Southern Ontario, or new systems, Aire One Heating and Cooling can assist you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to speak with a representative.

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