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6 Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Water Heater

Hot water is an essential part of living. Most households in Canada use hot water heaters extensively on a daily basis. Everything from washing the dishes, to taking a hot shower, or even a long indulgent bath depends on your hot water heater.

As a homeowner, it’s a good idea to look for the signs that your hot water heater could need replacing. You don’t want it to break down altogether, leaving you in the cold. Read on for the most common signs for replacement:

1.   Rusty Water

Like all metals, the metal inside of your hot water heater can rust. Over time this is likely to happen. When you turn on your tap, your water may come out with a rusty flavour or red tint to it, which could indicate rust. It’s not safe to have a rusty water heater, so you should replace your hot water heater if this is the case. If unsure, call in a professional for a second opinion.

2.      Old Age

Hot water heaters can last upwards of ten years, although they are not intended for use past this period. If you are unsure of the age of your hot water heater, you can check the serial number listed on the manufacturer’s sticker. On most brands, it will start with a letter followed by a series of numbers.

An example is: G181234567

The letter represents the month of the manufacture date (A=Jan, B=Feb etc). The following two letters indicate the year. In this case, it is July 2018. If unsure, check your manufacturer’s guide.

3.      Leaking Water

The metal in your water heater contracts and expands when it becomes hot. If your heater is old or overused, the metal may begin to crack. This can cause leaks. If you notice water or puddles forming when your heater is in use, you may have a leak. You should replace your heater to stop this from happening.

4.      Loud Rumbling Noises

When your heater is in use, loud rumbling or banging noises can occur from a build-up of sediment in the tank. In older water heaters this could indicate a need for a replacement. If your heater isn’t very old, the problem could be solved with a tank flush. Call in the professionals to help with this.

5.      Not Always Hot Water

If your hot water heater is old, many of the elements inside of it may stop working due to wear and tear. If your heater is producing hot water only some of the time it could mean there’s a problem.

Cold water may mean that your pilot light is out, or the circuit breaker has tripped.

Warm water but not hot water could indicate your heating element burning out. In some cases you heater may benefit from a simple repair, in others, you may need to fully replace your hot water heater.

6.      Constant Repairs

If your water heater keeps breaking, causing problems, or you find that repairs just keep adding up, it’s probably a sign that more issues are sure to follow. Your best option would be to replace your hot water heater before serious damage occurs.

If you’re thinking about replacing your hot water heater, contact Aire One today for twenty-five years of excellence and quality. Let us help you with all of your heating and cooling needs.

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