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AC Maintenance to End the Summer Season

Your air conditioner has been working nonstop to keep you and your dear ones cool as summer temperatures soar. It’s simple to develop the habit of running your air conditioning day and night while hiding behind your home’s shade. However, as temperatures begin to fall, it may be time to give your unit a rest. These suggestions can keep your air conditioner in top shape for the fall and ensure it’ll be prepared to withstand the following sweltering summer.

1. Change the Air Filter

Replacing the filter ensures that your air conditioner operates at peak efficiency. Make sure you change it in the fall or winter before turning off the unit entirely. Changing the filter on your unit is necessary to remove the dust preventing it from operating efficiently.

2. Clean the condenser coils

It’s the ideal time to inspect the condenser coils, which can become dirty and congested with debris after prolonged use. The exterior HVAC unit fins should also be vacuumed or cleaned of any debris. Inspect the fins to determine any potential damage and adjust them if required. Your unit runs more effectively when the coils are clean. Clogged coils may contribute to your unit’s inability to maintain the ideal temperature in your home.

3. Visually inspect your unit

It would be best if you did not allow the summer to end without investigating any strange sounds or smells you may have noticed. You should check the wiring for issues such as frayed connections caused by animals and insects inside the unit. Check for any damaged components, and have them repaired immediately.

4. Clean up the system’s surrounding

Clean up the area around the unit to optimize the performance of your unit. Its operation may be hampered by too much obstruction, which could lead to an early system failure.

5. Schedule a Professional HVAC Maintenance Checkup

You might as well have an HVAC technician from Aire One Heating and Cooling operating in Toronto & GTA checkup your air conditioner thoroughly in addition to giving it a visual check yourself. A skilled technician can perform a wide range of preventative maintenance tasks to guarantee that your air conditioner runs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

How to Maximize Your AC Maintenance Routine

Follow the suggestions above to keep your unit running smoothly throughout the year. If your unit hasn’t been inspected, that’s a really bad situation. If you had maintenance performed relatively early in the year, before summer ends are the ideal time to have it done again. Contact Aire One Heating and Cooling to check your AC unit professionally.

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