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An Introduction to Home Air Conditioning Systems

When you think of air conditioning systems for the home you envision a central unit that forces air through a series of hoses and compressors to deliver cooler air when the inside temperatures soar. This is one system but there are others if you don’t have the room for a big unit or just want something a little different. Air conditioning systems come in a variety of different types and sizes and they all work to remove moisture from your home to keep it cool and comfortable.

Types of Home Air Conditioning Systems

The following are types of air conditioning systems that work well to lower humidity and resist mold growth while keeping your home cool.

Central Air Conditioning System
A central air conditioning system is the largest type of cooling unit and the one most recognized by consumers. This type of system is made up of two parts, a condensing unit, and an evaporative unit. The condenser is the larger unit that is placed outdoors, and the evaporative unit sits inside the furnace chamber if you have both heating and cooling systems. It uses the same ductwork and blower as your furnace.

Window Air Conditioner
A window air conditioner is a self-contained cooling system that is placed in a window or wall opening and plugs into a power source. It has an air intake fan but relies on refrigerant to cool the air in the home. It may also have a thermostat or settings to enable you to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. They come in different sizes and can cool the space in a single room or an entire floor depending on the size and output of the

Portable Air Conditioner
A portable air conditioner is another self-contained air conditioning unit that can be used to cool a space or single room at a time. It is movable and uses a hose to vent the heat out through a window or exterior wall vent. These are often not as efficient at cooling larger spaces but do a good job in areas less than 500 square feet. This is a good option for those who cannot use a window air conditioner for various reasons. This type of unit may be a little noisy because the fan turns on and off frequently to evaporate moisture and keep down condensation.

Ductless Air Conditioner (Mini-Split)
The ductless or split system, also called a “mini-split,” is used in homes that do not have a regular HVAC system or existing ductwork. These have become quite popular in recent years and work like a heat pump capable of heating and cooling, depending on the season.

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