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Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

A traditional fireplace was made to burn wood logs. However, many people do not realize how toxic and potentially dangerous a natural fire can be. Nowadays, a modern heating system includes the use of gas technology. A gas fireplace in Ontario works like a gas stovetop to provide heat and ultimate convenience for your home.

What is a Gas Fireplace?
A gas fireplace is simply switched on or off to produce an artificially induced fire. Adjust different features of the fire from its temperature to its flame size. People tend to have misconceptions about gas fireplaces and assume they are unsafe. They may worry about gas leakage, but it’s a rare problem that occurs only because of misuse. Using this fireplace is similar to using a gas stovetops that is common in millions of households.

Benefits of a Gas Fireplace
Gas fireplaces are cleaner, safer and more efficient than wood-burning fireplaces. When burned, wood produces carbon monoxide and sulfur oxides that are dangerous to one’s health. This gas technology emits fewer toxins into the air.

A gas fireplace is energy efficient. When using a gas-powered device, more heat remains within the house, but when burning wood, much of the heat escapes through the chimney. Some people go through large stacks of wood logs to produce heat that lasts only for a few hours.

A non-wood fireplace is cleaner without any need to consume wood logs. You don’t need fireplace cleaning tools, such as brushes or shovels, to clean and remove piles of ash that are left behind after the fire. There is a lot less cleaning involved in making a fire.

Installing a gas fireplace in Ontario, from Aire One Heating and Cooling, increases your home’s value if you plan to resell it. Many buyers see it as a highly desirable feature that adds a unique look to a living room or bedroom.

A gas-powered fireplace is a step above a traditional fireplace. It is easier to use and results in cleaner air. After each use, there is no cleaning or maintenance required. There are many styles and designs to choose for your installation. Improve your home by investing in a durable gas fireplace in Ontario from Aire One Heating and Cooling. Contact us today to speak to a representative about installing a gas fireplace in your home.

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