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Boiler vs. Furnace. What To Choose?

It is critical to select the best heating option for your home. Other aspects to consider include energy efficiency, your home size, your region’s climate, repair expenses, and much more. It is critical to examine how each system operates in order to select the optimal system for your requirements.

What Is the Difference Between Boiler and Furnace?

There is a significant difference between a boiler and a furnace. To put it simply, a boiler utilizes steam generated by heated water to heat your house, whereas a furnace utilizes warm air. But the disparity goes a little deeper than that. Each system acts differently to provide climate control during sub-zero conditions, and it’s necessary to factor in other considerations such as cost of repairs and initial setup to choose which one is ideal for your house.

Pros and Cons of Boiler

Boiler Pros
•Energy Efficient: Boilers often consume less energy to heat your house, potentially resulting in decreased energy expenses.
•Minimal noise: Since you don’t hear hot air blowing, boilers are often quieter than furnaces.
•Consistent heat: Warm air cannot provide consistent heat as steam or hot water.
•Improved air quality: Because boilers do not blast air, they do not disperse dust or allergens.

Boiler Cons
•Only heat: Boilers can only produce heat and therefore can’t cool down your property.
•Installation: Boiler installation is labor-sensitive and time-consuming.
•Slow to react: Boilers are often slow to react when thermostat settings are adjusted.
•Leak hazards: If the boiler leaks, your property may experience significant water damage.

Pros and Cons of Furnace

Furnace Pros
•Versatility: Furnaces are fueled by oil, electricity, natural gas, and propane.
•Affordability: Since furnaces are more common than boilers, they are less expensive.
•Reduced leak hazard: If your furnace leaks, it will only leak air rather than water. For this reason, they are unlikely to cause damages to your home.
•Installation: Furnace installation usually takes several hours, as opposed to days in certain boiler installations.

Furnace Cons
•More noise: Furnace blowers make a lot of noise when they move and distribute air. Whenever a furnace is switched on, it makes some noise.
•Insufficient heat consistency: Hot air does not provide the same level of steady warmth as a boiler and steam. As a result, certain rooms may feel significantly cooler than others.
•Inferior air quality: The quality of indoor air will deteriorate if air filters are not replaced or maintained correctly.

In the end, whether you pick a boiler or a furnace will be primarily determined by the kind of building you’re attempting to heat. It also hinges on the extent of your cooling and heating needs. Get expert guidance from Aire One Heating and Cooling, a reputable HVAC contractor, if you’re not sure which system is best for you. Contact us today!

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