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Common Combustion Problems with High-Efficiency Furnaces

Troubleshooting a high-efficiency furnace is a much more compound process in comparison to a conventional furnace. This is why, oftentimes, high-efficiency furnaces may face a few different problems. If your high-efficiency furnace will not ignite at all, it may be experiencing one of the following problems:

Obstructed Air Intake Vent
An obstructed air intake vent can result in serious issues in a high-efficiency furnace. Luckily, there are possible measures to take in order to avoid an obstructed air intake vent. If the furnace issue is being causes by a clogged air supply pipe, you can solve the problem by removing the burner compartment in order to allow free airflow to enter the combustion changer. It is also possible that outside debris such as dirt, leaves, and twigs may be blocking the air intake vent. Checking your air intake vent every few months, even if it is not clogged, is a good idea just incase debris does start trickling in.

Blocked Flue Vent
It is possible that your furnace is failing to ignite due to the fact the pressure switch is tripped by a blocked exhaust flue gas vent pipe. This may be caused by an insufficient slope of the vent pipe or, similarly to an obstructed air intake vent, outside debris may also be causing a blockage.

Clogged Condensate Drain
Your high-efficiency furnace may fail to ignite because of clog at the condensate collector box or a partially clogged flue vent condensate line, which can trip the furnace’s pressure switch. The furnace will not operate until the condensate drain is cleared from any debris so that it can flow freely again.

High efficiency furnaces will have issues just as any system would. It is crucial that you are properly maintaining your HVAC system. At Aire One Heating and Cooling, we offer an array of HVAC services such as maintenance and repairs. If you are in need of any HVAC services, do not hesitate to contact us today. It is just as important to take care of your HVAC system when it is running completely fine just as it is to take care of it when any issues do arise. If you are experiencing any issues with your high-efficiency furnace, our specialists at Aire One Heating and Cooling, serving all over Ontario, will be happy to help with any necessary repairs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Aire One Heating and Cooling, serving all over Ontario, is here for all of your HVAC needs. If you are in need of a new furnace, check out the variety of options offered at Aire One Heating and Cooling, locations all over Ontario!

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