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Dear Parents: Have You Prepared Your Home’s Heating For Winter?

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When you’re a parent, your child’s comfort and safety is your top priority. When it’s winter, you’re probably all too familiar with the routine of chasing down a toddler and convincing, wheedling, or otherwise getting them to put on their snowsuit, jacket, boots, mittens, and hat. You probably pick out the mittens with a clip that attaches them to the jacket so your child doesn’t lose their gloves and end up with frosty fingers. The idea of letting your kid go out into the cold without the proper protection against chills and frostbite is inconceivable to you. However, when it comes to keeping your kids warm, you might want to pay attention to the homefront. Your home might be a few degrees too cold for your kids. Are your heating systems up to the task of heating your entire home to the right temperature? The answer can be more complicated than you think. Luckily, it’s easy for a parent to correct the issue if their home isn’t heated correctly. HVAC professionals can lend you a hand with tasks like furnace service to heat things up. Here’s why parents need to keep a close eye on the thermostat and take action on behalf of their kids.

Why Parents Need to Be Proactive About Preparing Heating

Common health issues can be avoided or minimized with a well heated home.If you’ve spent some time around kids, you know that they’re not thrilled at the idea of wearing bulky jackets and boots when it’s time to head out for the day. In fact, many kids will claim that they don’t even need those items and would be just as content wearing short sleeves. Don’t let that insistence fool you; kids are just as vulnerable to feeling cold as adults. In fact, they’re far more prone to heat loss and hypothermia than grown ups. So what’s with the arguments? Younger children, like toddlers, generally dislike feeling restricted by bulky clothes or they may feel itchy and uncomfortable underneath wool and nylon. When they get older, trying to go without is often an attempt at independence or fitting in with the cool kids at school. It’s important to keep your children warm – and that’s just as true about the inside of your house as the outside. While your kids are rarely prone to extreme side effects of cold like frostbite, they can still suffer minor effects that add up over time, such as:

  • More colds
  • Decreased concentration
  • A negative effect on the lungs, especially for kids with asthma
  • Increased moisture

None of that is fun to deal with for an adult, let alone a child. That’s why it’s important that adults take action before winter hits.

Good Intentions That Go Wrong: Common Heating Mistakes

Many parents try to take care of heating problems in the following ways, and it doesn’t always work out like they planned. Here are some of the common approaches people take and reasons as to why they are a band-aid solution at best and useless or actively dangerous at worst.

Space Heaters: Buying a space heater for your little one’s room sounds like a good idea, as they can control their own temperature and have some independence. However, these can turn into tinderboxes if left on high for long periods of time (such as when a kid is sleeping). They also drain a lot of electricity and can serve to short out outlets. While space heaters seem like a good idea, you’re better served by just having house-wide heating systems.

Sweaters and Blankets: Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing better than snuggling up in a warm blanket or putting on a cozy sweater. However, as a long term solution for fighting the cold, it’s not ideal. Kids are often prone to shedding extra layers for the reasons discussed above (independence, movement, etc.) and during the night they can kick blankets off. Heating systems are there no matter what, leading to a more comfortable environment.

Staying Active: While physical activity helps ward off the chill, everyone needs time to decompress and be sedentary – and that’s true for kids, too. Go for a permanent solution that lasts longer than a workout.

Why Heating Systems Don’t Have to Break Your Budget

A common reason that families are hesitant to invest in heating services is that money is tight. However, furnace service and heating solutions can be surprisingly affordable. The key is to work with the right HVAC company that can offer solutions that fit your lifestyle and your budget. As parents, we often cringe at the bills we have to pay (buying a new wardrobe for a kid after they’ve grown out of their old clothes or looking at the price of post-secondary education is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine). But making sure that your kids are warm and comfortable during the cold winter months, especially in southern Ontario, is an essential investment. We don’t hesitate to buy the right food or the right shoes for our children, so we shouldn’t avoid paying for such an essential need as heat. Simply work with the right HVAC company and you’ll be surprised at how reasonable your bills can be.

Looking for the right furnace or heating system? Need repairs on an older system, or just looking to have some questions answered? We have recently redesigned our website to better serve your needs. Check out our blog for information on how to best deal with the winter months ahead, and take a look at our heating products. You’ll likely find a perfect way to heat your home for the chilly months ahead.

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