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Why Your Furnace Needs a Regular Checkup

“Say ahh!” We’re all familiar with getting our yearly checkup from a doctor. By now, it’s just routine: You head into the office, flip through a Want to feel warm and cozy all winter long? Furnace maintenance is a great idea.magazine while waiting for your appointment, and then head to the doctor’s office to have your vitals checked. If you’re lucky, everything is in order and you can head home knowing that you’re fit and healthy. However, sometimes the doctor catches something – your blood pressure may be a little high, that tickle in your throat may be concerning, or perhaps you need to go to a specialist to get some more tests done. A lot of the time, we see this as the “worst case scenario”. “I don’t want to go and get more tests done!” you may groan. “I just want to be done with this.” But catching a problem early is actually one of the best case scenarios, as it means you can nip a health concern in the bud before it becomes too serious. Now, think about your home’s furnace. You may think you don’t have too much in common with a furnace, but you are sorely mistaken. Just like you need your annual checkup, your home needs furnace maintenance to stay toasty and warm. Now that the cold winter months are approaching, it is a great time to schedule that checkup. If you choose to put this off and procrastinate, you could have to deal with substantial furnace repairs. Here’s why your furnace needs a checkup just as badly as you do, and what can happen if you put this service off.

Top Priority: Why You Can’t Procrastinate When It Comes To Your Furnace

How are you feeling as you read this blog? You are probably feeling pretty comfortable. You can type and scroll on your computer without any hassle, you’re leaning back in your chair without having any distractions, and your focus is entirely on the computer screen. This isn’t the case when you’re living in a deep freezer. Anyone who’s lived in a frigid home can testify as to the impact it has on your daily life. Even tasks like getting out of bed in the morning become impossible. Climbing out from underneath your warm and cozy covers to get dressed and get the morning started should be simple, but in an underheated house you can struggle. Going about your daily business becomes tough because your top priority is now becoming warm. This is especially true in southern Ontario. In 2013, winter temperatures regularly reached -35. Imagine trying to function and work at those temperatures!? The key to solving this problem before you’re stuck in the middle of it is furnace maintenance. Don’t wait until it reaches a crisis point: be proactive!

Common (But Preventable) Issues That Can Cause Your Furnace to Break Down

We don’t reccommend you take this approach to staying warm in the winter.What are some of the preventable issues that plague your furnace? These three issues can be easily fixed with regular furnace maintenance, but if they’re left alone they can easily spin out of control into bigger issues. By tackling these issues at their onset, you can avoid big repair bills down the road.

Checking the Filter For Must and Dust

The furnace circulates heat around your home. But imagine if it also circulated dust, pollen, and other unfortunate particles through the air. Luckily, your furnace is equipped with an air filter to stop that from happening. The filter, however, can become very clogged up if left unchecked. When the filter is clogged, the intake and expelling of air becomes complicated; the furnace can overheat. This simple fix can solve so many problems. Just like you blow your nose and cough regularly, your furnace needs to have a clear air ventilation system.

Light ‘em Up: Are Your Pilot Light and Ignition System Up to Date?

The power sources for your ignition are critical for it to function properly. The older your furnace is, the more complex the issue can become. Sometimes, the problem is simply that the pilot light needs to be relit. Other times, your furnace will flicker in and out, with only intermittent functioning. Before you know it, you can be bundling up under sweaters and blankets and be shivering the winter away. If you’re having issues with your furnace struggling to run, then this could be the issue. Regular furnace maintenance can catch this problem before it escalates and becomes more complex to solve.

Nuts & Bolts: Why You Need the Experts to Examine Motors, Belts, and Bearings

Your furnace is a marvellous piece of technology that’s made up of dozens of small parts working together for a singular purpose. If even one of If this fan gives out, your furnace will really begin to struggle.these pieces slides out of place or struggles to operate, the rest of them will struggle to keep up and undertake some damage, or simply stop working altogether. Furnace repairs often come about from the bearings, belts, and fan motors ceasing to function. Having regular checkups is a great way to keep all of these pieces aligned and in good health. When in doubt, call in an HVAC professional to give your furnace a thorough examination.

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