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Furnace Tuneup and Energy Efficiency

It’s Autumn and beautiful colours are dancing all around us. Red, orange and yellow are the warm colours of a flame, but yet they herald the advent of a cold winter.

As Canadians, we have seen winter after winter, some colder than others, some drier than others, and some definitely more pleasant than others.  Yet, there is something strange about that first night when the temperatures drop below zero and frost covers all those beautifully coloured fallen leaves.

We have all experienced the drama, the song of a cold winter, the dance of beautiful snow, the melody of hauling storms, and yet it’s a shock.  Life somehow changes as we dress warmer and change our tires; and we find ourselves taking refuge in the warmness of our living or family rooms.  Oh, how sweet is the aroma of a warm hot chocolate, or a coffee, or a chamomile tea by a cozy fireplace when mother nature puts to display her wonderful winter wonderland outside.

Although each season has its glory and each one a different colour, Winter is one season that deprives us more of those wonderful rays of sunshine that give our bodies, minds and souls a glow of happiness.  Winter is also a season that keeps us more indoors and less social. 

There is no surprise therefore why Canadian homes pay so much attention to home comfort.  Winters are long in our neck of the woods and we need to make sure that our children, our elderly and those of ill-health are taken care of and comfortable.

As part of home comfort, it’s important to keep our heating intact.  A good high-efficiency furnace that would actually help reduce our utility bills made by a reliable company — and which has been in the market over many years and has proven its credibility over time — is crucial.  Selecting the right furnace is like going to a good doctor, or buying the right winter tires, etc.  And what is more, just like our bodies need an annual health check-up, our home comfort units, on which we rely so heavily in the winter months, need to be looked at and cleaned annually.  We take our cars in for a tune-up regularly, so why not our furnaces that keep us warm and sane when we need them the most.  Your furnace is your best friend in winter, so don’t forget to treat it to a yearly tune-up!  It will go a long way to endure that your furnace is running smoothly and efficiently.

And of course, if you are interested in being even more energy-efficient and also enjoy the winter months by a beautiful fire, you can always invest in a fireplace if you don’t already have one.  Winter nights are glorious with the help of the flame of a fireplace that can warm your body and soothe your soul. 

Sending you warm salutations and the best of home comfort wishes at the threshold of yet another Canadian winter. Stay warm – stay safe!

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