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GreenON Fund: Save on New HVAC Products in Ontario

GreenON fund HVAC products in Ontario.

Do you want to know how you can get money back while also lowering your carbon footprint, becoming more energy efficient and saving yourself money every day? The GreenON Fund has several rebate programs that you may be eligible for. So, what are you waiting for? Read below and discover the Green ON Fund’s environmentally friendly and money saving secrets.

What is the GreenON Fund?

The GreenON Fund is here to help you reduce greenhouse emissions that are bad for the environment and to replace old technology with cleaner, more efficient options. The fund offers rebates and other services so that you know your home is running efficiently, which saves you money and is also good for the environment.

How Can You Save Money and Reduce Your Bills?

A great way to save money is by updating your old heating, ventilation and/or air conditioning units to models that are more energy friendly. Does that sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be! Take advantage of one of the GreenON Fund’s rebate programs and you can get up to $5,800 towards getting a brand new Air-Source Heat Pump. Or check out the Smart Thermostat rebate that can have you saving up to $100!

What’s So Good About an Air-Source Heat Pump?

An Air-Source Heat Pump is built to draw hot air from outside and use it to heat your home more effectively. It will also reverse this process to act as an air cooling unit in the warmer months. This device is excellent for reducing your carbon footprint so you can feel confident about your role in keeping the environment healthy and your family comfortable in your home.

Once you find a participating contractor to install your new Heat Pump you can decide which model best suits your home. Be sure to determine your eligibility prior to installing the product. If you’re a homeowner in a townhouse, semi or detached home you are eligible. If you’re a landlord you will require your tenant’s permission before getting the go ahead.

Do You Really Need a Smart Thermostat?

Once you discover the ease and peace of mind that comes from owning a Smart Thermostat you’ll wish you’d bought one years ago. Eligible Smart Thermostats, such as Nest and Ecobee can be controlled from your phone, tablet or laptop/desktop computer using its Wi-Fi technology.

The Smart Thermostats can be programmed to know your daily and weekly habits, and can automatically turn up the heat when you’re home and reduce the heat when you’re out, as well as notifying you about maintenance alerts or adjustments.

Start Saving Today!

Don’t wait! Start saving money today by contacting us at Aire One. Our team of experts will help you choose the right units that can get you the best rebates from the GreenON Fund, and will install them effectively and efficiently. Do your part to keep the environment and, most importantly, your home a safe and inviting place.

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