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How Can a Bad Capacitor Affect Your AC?

85% of the repairs needed in air conditioning units have to do with the electrical systems. One of the most important parts of the electrical system in your air conditioning unit is the capacitors.  Without these working smoothly, the motors that power both the compressor and the fans cannot work properly.

What is a Capacitor?

A capacitor is a device that stores an electric charge like a short-term battery. It is made of two metal plates, each having a positive and negative charge. When the electric current from one plate to the other passes through the capacitor, it creates an electric field between them that builds up energy until it is discharged.

Effects of a Bad Capacitor

Bad capacitors are one of the common issues with air conditioning systems. A bad capacitor prevents the exterior unit from properly functioning, which hinders the cooling process as a whole.  A bad capacitor can result from various factors, including age, excess power, etc. When this happens, the capacitor can’t store electrical charge, leading to poor performance from your air conditioning unit.

Clicking noise is one sign that your capacitor might have problems. Diagnosing the issue by yourself might lead to electrical shock. If you do not have an experience in wiring repairs and diagnosis, it is best to call a professional AC contractor like Aire One Heating and Cooling servicing Toronto & GTA as soon as possible.

If the capacitor is defective, it might cause the motor to stop working. That is because your system’s motor revolves around a capacitor. As a result, you may experience a humming sound and can eventually burn out. If you notice this issue, call a reputable HVAC technician from Aire One to diagnose the problem.

Hard starting of your air conditioner is another effect of a bad capacitor. That is because the AC compressor is usually connected to the capacitors, and turning it on might be an issue if they can hold no charge. At Aire One Heating & Cooling, we have all the tools necessary to diagnose and repair all your heating and cooling systems.

Your AC might not be able to produce enough cooling or heating at your home. That is because a capacitor is responsible for supplying the air conditioning system with electric power. This can result in poor performance of your whole home air conditioning system.

Repairing a Bad Capacitor

Most of the time, our experts will swap out the capacitors that are threatening the air conditioner’s capacity to operate properly. Never try to replace the capacitor yourself, please! If you are not trained on how to handle it, the oil that leaks from damaged or broken capacitors can be quite dangerous to handle. Our experts at Aire One Heating and Cooling in Toronto & GTA will be at your place immediately to help you diagnose and fix the problem. Contact us now to schedule your maintenance visit.

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