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How Energy-Efficient Are Heat Pumps?

Due to the region’s chilly temperature, space heating accounts for an astounding 63.6% of the energy utilized in a typical Ontario home. It makes complete sense that you should search for energy-saving opportunities in the heating system! One of the most popular and energy-efficient choices is the heat pump. But how energy-efficient are they? And what are some of the benefits of using them? Here is some answer to those questions and more!

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a mechanical HVAC system that transfers heat from one area to another. It can either move heat from the inside home to the outside or vice versa. Heat pumps are powered by electricity and use refrigerant to transfer heat. The refrigerant circulates through a series of coils, and as it does so, it absorbs or releases heat. When the refrigerant evaporates, it absorbs heat from its surroundings. When it condenses, it releases heat. By controlling the coils’ temperature and the refrigerant flow, a heat pump can either cool or warm a space.

Heat Pump Benefits

Here are three benefits of heat pumps:

1. Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are more energy efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems because they move heat rather than generate it.

2. Renewable Energy

Heat pumps can be motorized by renewable energy causes such as solar panels or geothermal power, making them more environmentally friendly than traditional systems.

3. Cost Savings

Heat pumps typically cost less than traditional heating and cooling systems because they use less energy.

How Energy-Effective Are Heat Pumps?

Heat pump efficiency continues to improve, making it a very efficient technology. Now, with the availability of ductless heat pumps, almost any homeowner can take advantage of and install them in their homes. 

As a comparison, the majority of oil-fired furnaces and boilers are between 65 and 85% efficient, depending on the unit’s age and upkeep. Accordingly, for every $1 you spend on oil, you get between $0.65 and $0.85 worth of heat, with the remaining $1 being wasted during oil burning.

Since there is no energy lost during combustion, electric heat from baseboards, boilers, or furnaces is thought to be 100% efficient. However, the cost difference between oil heat and electricity is not as great as many people think.

Finally, due to the differences in how they work, heat pumps often have an efficiency range of 200–300% because they can provide the same quantity of heat with a lot less energy.

Ways to increase a Heat Pump Efficiency

Here are three ways to increase the efficiency of your heat pump:

• Schedule regular maintenance:
• Install a programmable thermostat
• Upgrade your insulation


Heat pumps are a very energy-proficient way to heat and cool your home. They use the same amount of power as a standard air conditioner but can transfer more heat, making them much more efficient. When it comes to heat pump installations, you can trust Aire One Heating & Cooling, located in Toronto & GTA, for all your heating needs. Contact us today we see how we can help you.

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