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How To Improve Air Quality At Home?

Nothing feels fresher than a home with quality air. Not only it is good for your health, but it will also provide a peaceful environment. To improve the air quality in your home, you might need to install an air conditioner, humidifier, or ventilator. If you need help with choosing the right one for your space feel free to contact AireOne Heating & Cooling, HVAC services in Toronto.

Why Is Air Quality Important?

Air quality is essential in our homes. It affects how we feel, how we sleep, even our health. As the air gets worse because humans continue to create pollutants, it can be a daunting task to keep the air clean at home. Most people spend a significant amount of time at their homes. Pollutants and other chemicals if present in the air, especially in a confined space, can cause headaches, eye irritation, fatigue, and even allergies. So, it is crucial to keep your air at home clean.

10 Tips How To Improve Air Quality at Home

There are ways you can improve your home’s air quality, but it may require some research and determination. Here are 10 tips that our team created:

1. Turn off the heater and AC when sleeping.
2. Burn less wood/coal/oil while heating home.
3. Install a proper filter.
4. Clean burning wood and pellets.
5. Close windows on unventilated rooms or when an AC is not needed.
6. Don’t leave the TV on while you sleep.
7. Use a fan to circulate the air in your home.
8. Use an ionizer and run it continuously.
9. Quit smoking.
10. Get a carbon monoxide detector.

Air Cleaners, Humidifier and Heat Recovery Ventilators Role in Air Quality

When you are trying to improve your home or business’ current air quality, choosing one of the three items above can help take care of it.

Air Cleaners
Air cleaners are the most popular way to remove airborne pollutants such as dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria, and even viruses. The best way to get rid of them is by filtering the air your family breaths. Air cleaners use HEPA filters and other filters to remove particles from the air. Air cleaners are often used in houses, office buildings, hospitals, to mention a few. 

Air Humidifiers
When it comes to humidity levels at home, furnaces and AC might decrease humidity. Dry air cause sore throat and allergies. Thus, air humidity is an important part of your family’s health. Air humidifiers are best known for adding moisture to the air. They, too, use HEPA filters and other types of filters to remove particles from the air. Air humidifiers are usually used in homes, businesses, hotels, and more.

Heat Recovery Ventilators
Heat recovery ventilators are often mistaken for air conditioners. While they cool the air and increase air quality, it is not due to the filters. Heat recovery ventilators bring fresh air to your home, but they also push out stale air due to its’ counter-flow heat exchanger between inbound and outbound airflow.

Clean air is essential for your home. If you want to install an Air cleaner, humidifier, or heat recovery ventilator in Toronto, you can start by contacting AireOne Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment. We have a professional team to ensure you get high-quality and lasting services and offer exclusive air cleaners and purifiers, so you and your family can breathe clean, healthy air. Call us today!

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