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How To Know Which Furnace Filters Are The Best?

Regardless of the climate, a home’s heating and cooling system are one of the house’s most important parts. Keeping these systems clean helps contribute to a healthy living environment where mold, allergens, and particulates are kept out. Debris prevents air from circulating properly through your system and can cause anything from headaches to respiratory problems. A furnace filter protects the rest of your HVAC system from dirt, insects, and other airborne particles circulating inside the house.

Furnace Filter Materials, Styles, and Sizes

The main types of furnace filters are fiberglass and pleated paper filters. Fiberglass filters are made from spun glass fibers woven together to create a denser media that can catch low- and high-pressure airborne particles with their high surface area. The typical fiberglass filter can last for more than six months.

Fiberglass filters come into two types; thin-film and thick-film. A thin-film filter is made from a very thin layer of aluminum foil bonded to the fibers, while thick-film filters are made from a heavier layer bonded to the fiber media. Most fiberglass filters have a 0.5-micron rating, or 0.005-inch rating, which means they can hold up to half a million particles per square inch.

A pleated paper filter is made of cellulose fibers, which are then rolled into a large cylindrical shape. Pleated filters are generally easier to install and less expensive than fiberglass filters, although they must be replaced more often.

The main advantage of pleated filters is that they can give a higher airflow because the media can be compressed. Pleated filters come in either lined or unlined versions. Paper air filters also have a 0.5-micron rating, just like fiberglass.

How To Know Which Furnace Filters Are The Best?

There are plenty of furnace filters out on the market, and it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your home. However, the easiest way to know which furnace filters are the best is by checking the manufacturing company. If the filter is manufactured by a reputable company it is likely to be a top filter.

When buying furnace filters, you should always check the packaging and brand. Some brands sell multiple filter types, and each filter may be designed for different uses. For example, a filter marketed towards air conditioning, such as Lennox-Carrier X6670, may be effective at filtering out dust, while a furnace filter will only be effective at filtering out larger particles such as pet hair or carpet fibers.

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