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Why You Should Install a Whole House Dehumidifier

Whole house dehumidifier working through kitchen

Moisture can cause a handful of problems for people living in their homes. Whether you reside in a rainy climate such as Ontario, or a damp coastal province like Nova Scotia or British Columbia, excessive humidity can be problematic. It can cause frizzy hair, baking mishaps, unpleasant scents and even mould growth.

Luckily, there are a variety of humidity control solutions designed to serve different home purposes. If your home is suffering from the effects of humidity, there are many products to choose from: plug-in, countertop machines, and whole house dehumidifiers. The market is saturated with potential products that will give you long-lasting solutions for excess humidity.

Many countertop and plug-in dehumidifiers are exceptional for single rooms, small dwellings or minor humidity issues. In situations where smaller devices can only provide comfort to one area, whole house dehumidifiers can perform more effectively in larger spaces. Here’s why you should install a whole house dehumidifier:

Save Time

Since whole house dehumidifiers are generally installed right into your home’s ventilation system, the effects are immediate and drastic. Rather than waiting hours to feel results from a smaller dehumidifier, you can instantly control humidity levels with a whole house dehumidifier. Proper installation and integration of a high-quality whole house dehumidifier allow homeowners to immediately inhibit mould growth and allergens.

Effective Use

The biggest difference between whole house dehumidifiers and their plug-in counterparts is absolute power. Limited by standard wall outlets that are often inadequate and inefficient, portable dehumidifiers don’t stand up to the power of whole house humidifiers. Furthermore, small portable devices are more inefficient and are much louder than whole house dehumidifiers – an audible reminder that better options exist.

Reach More Area

Plug-in dehumidifiers are designed to tackle humidity in small rooms, but can never target the whole home. In order to properly combat the effects of humidity in an entire house, you’d have to purchase multiple units which are more expensive, wasteful, and likely ineffective. Whole house dehumidifiers are installed straight into your home’s ventilation system, making it possible for homeowners to directly control the humidity in their household.

Cost Efficient Savings

Although the initial purchase and installation cost can be steep, whole house dehumidifiers can save you a lot of money in the long run. Smaller dehumidifiers are inefficient, time-consuming, and often fragile that they often end up costing more over time. Controlling the humidity in your home with smaller dehumidifiers usually requires multiple units, which tend allocate its main function in one space. A single whole house dehumidifier can instantly solve humidity issues like mold, leaks and condensation that can often last for decades.

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