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Should I Leave My AC On While I’m Away?

It’s easy to forget to prepare your house for a short vacancy before you go on a trip to see family in another state or for a vacation. You may be pondering whether or not to keep the air conditioner running while you’re away from home. Most AC replacement experts advocate turning the thermostat up, not down, while you’re gone from home. 

Why It’s Better To Leave An AC On?

For brief vacations lasting only a few days, leaving the air conditioner running while you’re away is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to keep the air conditioner running while you’re gone to keep humidity and condensation under control in the summer, as well as avoid warping and deterioration of door frames, wood flooring, or other structural components.

What Are The Damages?

Switching off your air conditioner (A/C) is generally a good idea because you won’t be home to relish the cool air. But, much like in the winter, you must maintain a steady temperature inside to prevent damage to the home. Modern houses have electrical devices like televisions, video gaming consoles, and alarm systems. There are fragile circuits connected beneath the electronics’ shells and cabinets. High temperatures can melt solder or fry circuits, resulting in the eventual failure of electronic equipment. Damage to electronic devices might occur if your house reaches extremely high temperatures.

For How Long Can An AC Be On?

If you will be going to be away for a few days, it’s best to keep your air conditioner running but adjust it to a higher temperature. Switching off the system is the most efficient way to conserve money or energy when you aren’t home for one week or more. If you have a programmed thermostat, you can start cooling the house a day or two before returning. Don’t forget about the pets that will be staying in the house in your absence.

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