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Should You Mount Your TV Over Your Fireplace?
Fireplace mounted over TV

It is possible to mount your television over the fireplace, but it is generally ill-advised. There are safety concerns and viewing limitations that occur when mounting a television over a fireplace in your home. Mounting a television over a fireplace may cause people to strain their necks in order to watch television. This location may also become too hot for the television equipment to handle. There are many ideations to be concerned about when mounting a television above the fireplace in your home. It is important to continue reading more on why this is a bad idea and about the rare opportunities, this idea may be okay.

Why Mounting a TV Over a Fireplace is a Bad Idea

Every owner’s manual that comes with television has dimensions for viewing comfort and safety. The screen is supposed to be level with the eyes, which will not occur if the television is mounted above the fireplace. HD televisions also require a further distance from the television in order to properly view. Wiring a television from above the fireplace may also prove to be difficult.

Not only will a fireplace heat up the equipment, but it will also limit the experience of watching television. The bright colors of the flame may interrupt your viewing pleasures. It is important to note, however, that the heat and smoke from fireplaces are bad for televisions. Ensure you always take the temperature of the area where the television is mounted.

When is it Acceptable?

As mentioned previously, there may be rare instances in which mounting a television above the fireplace is acceptable. If the cable connections are already above the fireplace, this will be the easiest place to mount the television. If the space in your living room is already tight, you could also mount the television above the fireplace as long as you are taking precautions.

Another instance in which mounting a television above a fireplace would be okay is if you own an electric fireplace. In general, electric fireplaces are much cooler and emit much less heat. With this in mind, it would probably be okay to mount your television above the fireplace.

Aire One, the premier heating and cooling company, would be able to assist you in determining if mounting your television above the fireplace is a good idea. They would also be able to assist you in understanding heating your home with an electric fireplace. Contact us at Aire One, one of the most experienced heating and cooling company in Ontario, to assist you in understanding any of your heating and cooling needs.

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