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Things you should check for before scheduling an HVAC maintenance for a cooling problem
Things you should check for before scheduling an HVAC maintenance for a cooling problem

When someone experiences an HVAC issue it is quite common that the first thing they want to do is schedule an appointment with a technician to come fix the issue. However, often times you can take care of the issue yourself. Before scheduling a repair service, familiarize yourself with some common issues that can just take minutes to resolve. 

Outdoor Obstructions

During the wintertime it is quite common that snow or ice may hinder the HVAC system’s functionally. Make sure that you are checking your HVAC system after heavy storms and bad weather. If your HVAC system is obstructed, you will need to turn it off. And remember, obstructions can happen during any season. 

Thermostat Settings

If your home is feeling hotter or colder than usual you may think that your heater or air conditioner is experiencing a problem. However, the real root of the problem may be from the settings on your thermostat. Make sure you are setting your desired temperature and choosing the function you want your system to fulfill, such as cooling your home.

Air Filter

Air filters must be changed about every 90 days; however, an air filter may need to be changed more often if you have pets or if anyone in the household has allergies. Dirty air filters will reduce airflow and will not allow the HVAC unit to have capable performance, therefore it is important to be changing your air filters when necessary. 

Panel Switches

Your power will be cut off there is a loose panel switch on your air handler. For safety reasons, the power is meant to cut off if there is a loose or missing switch, so make sure that your panel switches are all in tack for your system to be working. 

With any system, problems are almost impossible to avoid. However, you can save a lot of time and money if you are able to detect a problem that you can fix on your own. If you do have an urgent issue, don’t hesitate to contact us any time of the day. At Aire One heating and cooling, we offer 24-hour emergency service. 

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