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Top Air Conditioner Mistakes You Should Avoid

Air conditioner units in residential home.

Though it might feel like winter’s grasp will never let us go, we have to remember that summer is only a few months away. And with summer, comes cranking up our air conditioners to help keep us cool. But are you getting the most out of your A/C unit? There are some key mistakes that many of us make that can cost us money and raise our carbon-footprint.

Not Using Your Programmable Thermostat Properly

Programmable or “smart” thermostats are instrumental in saving you money and energy. Compared to other standard or manual thermostats, smart thermostats can be preset according to time and temperature preferences. It can lower your air conditioner’s use during the day, when no one is home, and increase it when your family returns – so you can enjoy a home with comfortable temperature without wasting excess energy. New phone apps are also available to take extra control of the temperature of your home. Take the time to learn and understand how to use your thermostat to maximize its efficiency.

Now, everyone’s body deals with hot and cold differently, so finding the right temperature and programming the right times may take some maneuvering. Experts recommend having your thermostat set to around 21°C or a little higher if you can tolerate the temperatures. For every increased degree, you can save roughly 3% on your air conditioning bill.

Forgetting to Change Your Filter

It’s important to have cold air circulating around our home, but it’s even more important to ensure that air is clean. Make sure you’re changing your air conditioner’s unit filter at least every three months. A dirty filter can lead to polluted or contaminated air, disrupted air flow, and eventually cause the unit’s evaporator coil to freeze up – which leads us to the next point.

Putting Off Annual Service and Maintenance

Like any mechanical device, air conditioners need to be serviced regularly. You should have them checked annually. The spring is a great time to schedule a servicing appointment so you can ensure your A/C is ready when you need it for the summer. Use a registered A/C service contractor and make sure they check the coils, fans and electrical elements. Inspections and annual air conditioner maintenance will save you more money in the long run. Ultimately, when you keep your A/C in good working order, you prevent paying for a costly repair or new unit because of neglect.

Utilize Fans, Vents and Curtains

You can help yourself and your air conditioner by utilizing cooling techniques around your home. If you have ceiling fans, leave them running to help push the cool air down and spread it around your home.

Vents should be uncovered and fully open to allow the cool air to flow through them properly. If you have rooms that aren’t being used, close the vents in those rooms to save energy and allow the cool air to circulate where it’s most needed.

Make sure blinds and curtains are closed during the day to keep out the sun’s rays. These rays can heat up your home, which can counteract the work of your air conditioner.

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Following these simple steps will help you save money and energy on your cooling needs. If you’re looking for an HVAC company you can trust, look no further than Aire One. With over 25 years in the industry, we are the experts at replacing, repairing or maintaining your air conditioner. Contact us to help stay cool and comfortable this summer!

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