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Transitioning Your AC For The Fall Time

After the heat and humidity of the summer, it’s great to have cooler temperatures roll in. The cold breeze feels great outside and can help it feel better indoors also. But, even though it’s not as hot as before, you should keep running your air conditioning unit because turning it on and off with changing temperatures can actually cost you more. Here are helpful tips for running your air conditioner this fall.

Increase the Temperature
It may seem like keeping the air conditioner off until your home becomes too warm will save on the energy you use. But, the constant on and off takes more work. Set your temperature at a higher number that you still find comfortable. Then, your air conditioner will have an easier time maintaining that level.

Turn on Ceiling Fans
Your ceiling fan can be a great ally when it comes to maintaining a higher temperature with your thermostat. The draft from the ceiling fan makes it easier for your air conditioner to operate and, when it gets warmer during the day, you can use the fans to circulate chilly air to keep your home comfortable.

Check for Wear and Tear
The air conditioner gets a rest during the fall because it isn’t as hot outside. But, issues can start to show up because of the work it did during the summer months. Getting your air conditioner maintained with a certified technician from Aire One Heating and Cooling, serving Southern Ontario, means that any issues can be checked like frozen coils, refrigerant leaks, and a dirty filter that can cause serious problems or costly repairs.

Rethink a Cover
You may think you should cover your air conditioner similarly to how you would handle a grill and patio furniture. As leaves and other debris get blown around by fall weather, a cover can prevent twigs and foliage from getting into your system. As good as this sounds, manufacturers don’t typically suggest a cover because your unit is already built to handle outside elements. Instead of helping, the cover can hold moisture inside and cause corrosion and rust.

As the weather shifts into fall, you have a great opportunity to prepare your HVAC unit for the colder seasons ahead. You don’t have to wait until a problem exists. Getting HVAC services with Aire One Heating and Cooling, serving Southern Ontario, in between seasons can keep it running efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance or repair this fall!

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