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What Happens If an AC Drain Line Is Clogged?

Every central air conditioning unit has a drain line that runs from your indoor air handler to the outside of your home. The air conditioning drain line allows excess condensation to be removed from your air conditioner. Water travels from the indoor air handler to the outside of your home in what is typically a small trickle of water through a PVC pipe.

Air conditioning pipes usually develop a clog due to algae. Warm air blows over cold evaporator coils on the air conditioner and this leads to high humidity. The high humidity level in this drain line is the perfect breeding ground for algae, mold, and mildew.

The more often the air conditioner is running, the more often this drain line is likely to clog. A clogged drain line can cause your air conditioner to shut off due to the evaporator coils icing over completely or overflow and potentially cause water damage. The clogged drain line may also be due to dust, dirt, or airborne particles becoming trapped by moisture in this line.
If your air conditioner becomes clogged, you have two options. The first is to try and fix it yourself and the second is to consult with Aire One Heating and Cooling, HVAC services in Ontario. If you chose the first option, you should first turn off the power to your air conditioning unit. Next, find your air conditioners drain line. Most air conditioner drain lines are often placed outside the condenser unit and are made from white PVC pipe. Push a hard, thin brush inside of the end of the line to clear out any clogs in the end of the line. A wet/dry vacuum can be attached to the exit of the drain line and used to suck out debris in the line. If the vacuum is run for over a minute and the clog is not cleared, you should now consider calling in a professional.

Fortunately, Aire One Heating and Cooling, HVAC services in Ontario, are here for this occasion. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have an expert to take a look at your system.

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