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What Is a Limit Switch on a Furnace?
Limit switch

A limit switch also known as a fan limit is an electromechanical element that detects the temperature on a furnace. It is located under furnace’s supply plenum and tells the fans on the blower when to turn on and off.

A limit switch on a furnace uses gas or heating oil for power. The blower will turn on and off depending on the temperature. If it is starting to get too hot inside of the furnace, the switch will also be able to detect that and cut it off. Once an appropriate temperature has been reached inside of a home, the burners will turn off. However, the limit switches will continue to bring out as much heat as it can by blowing for a bit longer.

Over time, a problem may occur with the limit switch. Sometimes it can be something as small as the sensor on the switch becomes dirty. Once it gets dirty it will not work accordingly. The filter in the furnace may also become clogged which in turn will heighten the temperature. This will trigger the sensor to not act the proper way. Another issue you may encounter with the limit switch is that the blower motor may overhear and stop working.

It is important to keep your limit switch in a proper shape by scheduling the annual maintenance with Aire One, an experienced heating and cooling company, operating in Ontario for over 30 years. During their visit, the experts from Aire One will not only check your Limit Switch but will inspect the airflow problems with your HVAC system that may cause your Limit Switch to get broken.

Specialists at Aire One can assist you if you have any concerns about your Limit Switch. You can call 310-4328 for 24/7 Emergency Service. We are ready to help you all over Ontario. Don’t forget to schedule the annual maintenance of your HVAC system with us and enjoy your cozy warm home this winter.

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