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What you should know about Washable Furnace Filters
Washable Furnace Filters

Any heating and cooling company will tell you; a furnace air filter is critical to keeping your home clean and your hvac system operating properly. In the past the use of disposable air filters were the standard. Today, many families are choosing a washable furnace filter instead.

Get to Know Your Options

If you have been using the disposable type of air filter, you want to be educated about your options for a washable air filter. Just think about how it will feel to purchase one filter instead of having a stack of them stored in the garage, and replacing them every three month. Simply washing your new filter monthly will give your family more comfort and better health.

When you switch to a washable furnace filter you are not adding fiberglass, polyester, cardboard, or cotton to your landfill footprint. If you are environmentally conscious, considering a washable furnace filter may be no brainer. Aire One licensed technicians can discuss your options with you.

MERV Ratings

Select the proper MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating to fit your needs. The term MERV is an industry standard developed in 1987. The higher the number indicates the best level of filtration.

The MERV scale ranges from 1-16. It’s best to ask experts at Aire One, a heating and cooling company with over 30 years of experience, to give you advice about what is right for your home.

Cleaning Washable Furnace Filters

These “permanent” filters need to be cleaned regularly. For most people this means a monthly cleaning, but the American Lung Association says you must clean it every three months at a minimum.

Simply place the dirty filter on a level surface with the dirty side up. Vacuum carefully to pick up as much of the dirt, debris, and dust as you can. Take the vacuumed filter to a large utility sink or bathtub, and thoroughly wash with warm water. It can be helpful to use a sprayer to increase the water pressure. Do not use soap on the filter, and let it dry before returning to the furnace.

If you have any questions what type of filters are best for your furnace, contact us today.

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