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Why is my AC is Making a Clicking Noise But Not Starting?

Potential Reasons an AC System Makes a Clicking Noise
Air conditioning systems are not as complex as non-professionals imagine when logic is applied to a malfunction. For example, if your AC is making a clicking noise and won’t start, it may be due to faulty or worn electrical connections to the system. These connections are aptly known as contactors.

The Job of the AC System Contactor
In order for your AC system to function properly it needs a signal from the contactor. The signal comes from the large switch that tells the AC compressor and fan to start normal operation.

Why Your AC Won’t Start
When there is a malfunction of the contactor, it makes a clicking sound because it cannot activate in conjunction with the compressor and fan. Initially an AC system is activated from the point where the thermostat reaches a preset temperature. The thermostat then relays the start message to the contactor which is relayed to the compressor and fan.

Don’t Forget the Capacitor
Another essential part of an AC system is the capacitor. HVAC professionals often describe the capacitor as a small but powerful workhorse of an AC system. The capacitor looks like s drum about six inches high with three or more small connectors at the top to which electrical wires are attached. Repairing or replacing a capacitor should only be done by a professional from Aire One Heating and Cooling HVAC services in Ontario. The purpose of a capacitor is to store sufficient energy (electrons) to start your AC system. This little workhorse provides the main AC system start up power. It has specified voltage units based on the size of the AC system. This particular AC part may affected by extremes in climatic temperatures.

Possible Solutions
Although the reasons for the clicking noise and an AC system that won’t start may seem simplified, it not a good idea to try to repair these malfunctions yourself. In fact, at Aire One, HVAC services in Ontario, we provide excellent repair and replacement of contactors, capacitors and other parts that malfunction.

Aire One Heating and Cooling, HVAC services in Ontario, are readily available not only for repair and replacements but also for regular HVAC preventative maintenance. For top quality HVAC services in cities all over Southern Ontario, contact us today.

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