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Why Is My AC Leaking Water?

Why Is My AC Leaking Water?

Despite owning a home being a great achievement, you have to deal with renovations, maintenance, and repairs. Occasionally, you will encounter an AC leaking water. A small leak can destroy your floors, walls, ceilings, and the AC’s efficiency and performance. Your indoor air quality can also be compromised by mold growth. You should contact a professional company such as Aire One Heating and Cooling Services when you notice a leak in your air conditioning system.

Why Causes an AC Leak?

Your air conditioner does not cool air; it removes heat indoors and takes it outdoors. Humid indoor air is blown over the AC coil during this process, and the heat is removed. Moisture from the humid air accumulates on the evaporator coil and drips into the drain pan, then to a drain line and outside.

Your air conditioner could be leaking because of the following reasons:

1. Blocked Condensate Drain
The drain line taking water outside can clog due to the accumulation of dirt, mineral deposits, mold, and other debris, which hinders the smooth flow of water. Entrust the unclogging process to a professional like Aire One Heating and Cooling Services to ensure it is performed professionally with minimal damage.

2. Disconnected Drain Line
Although rare, your drain line disconnects from the drain pan or becomes loose. This may happen when changing air filters or if someone works close to the AC unit. Check the inside of your air conditioner system to determine if the drain line is attached to the drain pan. If it has detached, call an HVAC technician to resolve the issue. 

3. Broken Evaporator Coil
Sometimes water splashes off the evaporator coil instead of going into the drain pan. This happens when the coils are broken or the insulation surrounding the coils has holes redirecting the water.

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