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Why is my AC Loud and Noisy?

The air conditioning unit has many working parts. An AC system, in proper working condition, should run soft and quiet. Rattling, grinding and buzzing noises are all signs that your unit needs servicing. If you find your unit is running loud or noisy, here are some possible reasons why:

Bad Motor Bearings
The grinding noise you are hearing could very well be a sign that the motor bearings are bad. These bearings are located within the fan motor. Preventative maintenance can help keep the bearings in good working order. Lubrication is extremely important. In some cases, the bearings are not bad, per se, they are just dry and need lubricant.

Bad Capacitor
When a capacitor fails, a buzzing sound can typically be heard near the outdoor unit. This large battery is responsible for starting the unit. This is a relatively easy fix that often goes bad after some time. Contact Aire One, HVAC services in Ontario, immediately to have this replaced.

Outdoor elements can wreak havoc on your AC unit. Wind and rain can leave debris throughout the unit. The exterior guards, that wrap around the unit, are made to collect this debris. It is recommended that you wash out these guards, regularly. Leaves, sticks and even rodents can find their way inside. If any debris is lodged in the fan, this will prevent it from turning. Booking with Aire One HVAC services, for yearly maintenance, can prevent the build up of debris.

Refrigerant can leak from your AC unit. When this happens, you can usually hear a hissing sound coming from your machine. If too much leaks out, the compressor can be permanently damaged. Contact an Aire One technician immediately to prevent any further damage.

Your AC system works hard to cool your home or business. As a higher priced item, you may find it difficult to purchase a replacement. This is one appliance that is cheaper to maintain than replace. Semi-annual inspections and maintenance should be performed to keep your unit in proper working order. Aire One Heating and Cooling can help you with any necessary repairs if your air conditioner is having issues. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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