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Why Is Your Thermostat Blank: Here’s What You Need To Know

Smart thermostats are one of the most useful gadgets for Toronto and GTA households, which help regulate the room temperature. They save time and money, optimize your HVAC system and give you a consistent temperature in your home according to your specifications.

What happens when you find your thermostat screen has gone blank?

Common troubleshooting tips for a Blank Smart Thermostat

1. Always Double Check and confirm the Thermostat is still on

Your household might have had too many guests, each with their preferences, or it might just be curious kids who turned the Thermostat off. Before taking other steps, check to confirm whether the Thermostat is still on.

2. Check the Batteries

Some smart thermostats use batteries to carry out their functions. If your Thermostat is not all that new, it would be a good idea to check that the batteries have power.

3. Check the screen display brightness

Like smartphones, smart thermostats may adjust the screen’s brightness depending on the amount of light received. Your hallway light might be too much, making the screen brightness drop and making it hard to see.

4. Confirm whether the circuit breaker has tripped

When a circuit breaker trips, modern thermostats go off. It may be caused by running multiple appliances at once or power surges. Ensure you check whether the problem is the circuit breaker and flip it back on.

5. Check the fuse

The fuse in a thermostat protects it when there is an issue with electric power. When the fuse gets blown out, it usually leaves the fuse blank. Check for the fuse and replace it if necessary.

Factors to consider for optimal thermostat operation

Consider where you place your Thermostat. During installation, choose a neutral room that represents your common living areas. It should be away from windows or rooms warmer than others.

Know your thermostat settings and adjust them correctly. Consider the hours you are likely to be indoors and set it to turn down when you are usually away.

For those in the Toronto and GTA area, if your smart Thermostat still gives you a problem after troubleshooting, contact Aire One Heating and Cooling at our 24/7 emergency number 310-4328, or fill out the form at our website.

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