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Choosing to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner

At some point, every air conditioner owner seeking HVAC services in Ontario faces a challenging decision. Does an aging home cooling system merit repair? Or would it make greater sense to simply replace an outdated, heavily worn unit with a brand new model? This article offers some tips for resolving this common question.

Repairing an Air Conditioner
In some situations, a malfunctioning air conditioner benefits from repair services. Correcting a sluggish unit may involve procedures as simple as replacing a dirty air filter and cleaning grimy evaporating coils. Generally, making basic repairs of this nature proves cost-effective, particularly in cases involving comparatively new, energy-efficient models.

Replacing an Air Conditioner
Situations sometimes arise in which replacing a damaged AC system proves attractive. For example, when flooding damages a home cooling system, a homeowner may prefer total replacement due to concerns malfunctions will continue to arise unexpectedly. Additionally, customers in Ontario frequently opt to replace heavily worn, aging AC systems with new, more energy-efficient models. Taking this step may provide impressive cost benefits in terms of reduced utility bills over the anticipated lifespan of the unit.

Resolving a Repair Versus Replacement Dilemma
Ultimately, answering the repair versus replacement question hinges upon a customer’s unique circumstances. Some factors prove useful to consider. Answers to these questions offer valuable guidance:

  • Which course of action does a licensed HVAC repair technician recommend?
  • What energy rating does a cooling system carry (and would a replacement unit prove more energy-efficient)?
  • What, if any, known mechanical issues have arisen with this current air conditioner?
  • Do the anticipated repairs cost more than the current value of the unit?

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