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8 Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace

A furnace is a heating device. It uses air and fuel — such as natural gas, oil, propane, coal, and wood, to supply heat to your home’s rooms.

How Does Furnace Work?

A furnace is usually located in your basement or garage. It is connected to your central heating and cooling systems. The furnace blower forces heated air into the ducts, distributing it throughout the house. Inside each room where you need heat or coolness, there are one or more vents through which warm/cool air is circulated.

8 Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace

1. Inspect your furnace. Look inside your furnace to see that the metal blower cage is clean and well painted, not rusting or flaking, and its stator and fan blades, which you can wipe off with a damp cloth. The interior of the gas valve should also be clean and well painted.

2. Periodically check your ductwork, filters, temperature controls, and chimneys for proper operation and cleanliness. HVAC services in Toronto can help with duct cleaning and other inspections.

3. Clean the chimney to keep it in good repair. Furnace in Toronto services can help you with it. They can unclog a clogged chimney, clean the chimney flue and inspect for blockages.

4. Check your electrical system for proper operation. It includes the vent blower, ignition and combustion controls, thermostats, lights, access doors, and power outlets.

5. Clean the outdoor unit’s grill regularly to keep it running efficiently. Sweep the furnace and chimney. Clean outside condenser coils if equipped with a brush attachment on your garden hose or a pressure washer. A dirty unit will not operate efficiently and may fail to provide adequate air conditioning for your home.

6. Change air filters regularly. Changing the filter on your furnace regularly will help ensure that your heating system works properly. Select a filter designed to fit your furnace’s size and make replacement simple.

7. Keep the blower assembly on your furnace running smoothly by cleaning and balancing it. Some newer furnaces come with a blower access door allowing convenient cleaning of all moving parts, including the blower wheel.

8. Keep the blower wheel free of obstruction by having it inspected for proper operation. The furnace’s blower wheel should be checked regularly for any obstructions, such as lint or dirt, and kept clean to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently year after year.

Aire One Heating and Cooling services in Toronto provide long-term Heating and Cooling maintenance service in Toronto and GTA. It is done by taking four different parts of a furnace to our facility for inspection, cleaning, balancing, and yearly air quality checks. If you’re interested in our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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