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Furnace Filters: What You Need to Know

Furnace Filter Sale, Pay No Tax on All Makes and Sizes

Replacing your Furnace Filters? There are some important facts you should consider when purchasing a new furnace filter.

Make sure to Use the Correct Size: You’ll want to make sure that you are using the proper size furnace filter because using the wrong size negates the effect of even having a furnace filters. You would be surprised with how many different furnace sizes are available by Aire One. Filters are vary in size and model and using one that’s the wrong size can affect your furnace. If you are having difficulty in finding your proper furnace size, Aire One advises you use a tape measure to try and measure the dimensions of the filter rack (where you insert your filter). If you are having a difficult time finding your exact furnace filter size, call Aire One at 310-4328 (no area code required) to locate and order the filters for you.

Don’t Re-Use Filters: Remember, some of the particles you’re blocking are so small that you can’t see them, so how do you know if they are really gone? With the fiberglass furnace filters costing a few dollars at most, trust us, it is a lot more convenient just to throw your old furnace filter away and insert your new one.

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Check Your Furnace Filter if You’re Having Furnace Issues: Before calling your trusted HVAC company, check your furnace filter if you’re having an issue with your furnace not working properly. Sometimes you’ll find that a dirty filter can be causing your furnace to not work properly.
Call Aire One at 310-4328 (no area code required) to order your filter today. Aire One stock all makes and models of Filters.

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