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Tips For Conserving Heat This Winter

If you are like many people living in Greater Toronto Area in the winter, you may find yourself constantly wanting to turn up your home’s thermostat. Yet, you may go into a panic attack when the first energy bill arrives. Following 10 simple tips can help you to save heat, energy, and some money as a result.

Let The Light In
Open the curtains when the sun is shining into that window. Using natural light is a great way to reduce your home’s energy use.

Fix Drafts
You know where the drafts are in your home because you can easily feel them on the first cold day of winter. Locate their source and get them fixed.

Install A Whole-House Humidifier
Installing a whole-house humidifier makes the air feel warmer. Additionally, your skin will stay softer, and you will get a better night’s sleep.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans
You need your ceiling fans to be pushing the hot air down during the winter. Therefore, make sure your ceiling fans are going clockwise, and keep them spinning at a low speed.

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned
Your HVAC unit must work harder if it has to push warm air around obstacles. These obstacles not only cost you money on your heating bill, but they can cause allergy problems.

Consider a Programmable Thermostat
If you have ever left home and forgot to turn down the heat or wished that your house was warmer when you got home, you need to have a programmable thermostat installed. Using a programmable thermostat can save you about $200 annually.

Leave Your Vents Open
While it may be tempting to block air vents in rooms that you do not use in the winter, this makes your system work harder. If there are areas you do not use all winter long, consider talking to an HVAC specialist about setting up zones in your home so that you can turn off the heat to a particular area.

Increase Your Home’s Insulation
You should have between R-50 and R-60 insulation in your home. Generally, foam board insulation is the most effective.

Get A Home Audit
A home audit identifies specific areas in your home’s heating plan that need addressing. Getting professional advice can help you to know what needs fixing to lower your home’s heating bills.

Get An HVAC System Check
Your HVAC system will work more effectively and cost you less to operate when properly maintained. Therefore, you should keep up with HVAC maintenance and schedule an appointment regularly. Aire One Heating and Cooling in Greater Toronto Area can assist you! Since 1990, people have been trusting their HVAC maintenance in Toronto to Aire One. Call us today!

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