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Inexpensive Ways To Heat Your Home This Fall

There are two basic rules to follow this fall when it comes to heating your home – keep the cold out and keep the heat in. You can keep the cold out by taking practical steps, such as covering openings, and retain heat in your home by putting insulation around unheated areas of your home.

Install Thick Drapes
In light of the fact that heat loss accounts for, on average, 30 percent of heating bills and drapes can reduce heat loss by about 10 percent, you should definitely consider installing thick drapes in your home to keep cold out and heat in. Drapes with a thermal lining or PVC shower curtains can get the job done affordably.

Protect Your Windows
If you’re looking for a very affordable way to keep the cold out and keep heat within your living area, then you should definitely consider putting bubble wrap on your windows. Bubble wrap is easy to install and provides a buffer between a cold window and the heat in your room. The pockets of air in the bubble wrap actually trap much of the cold that adheres to the window in the colder months. You could simply tape the bubble wrap to your windows, but another strategy would be to spray a small amount of water on the window and adhere the bubble wrap to the window that way. The useful thing about bubble wrap is that it can be used to trap the cold adhering to the window while at the same time allowing heat gain to permeate and warm up your home! Cloth taped to your window will prevent heat gain by being almost totally opaque – bubble wrap allows sunlight in.

Cover Those Openings
Draught-proofing strips or a towel at the edges of your doors, a removable fleece covering over your mail slot, and an affordable chimney balloon are all effective ways to keep the cold air at bay and heated air inside your home this fall season. Aire One Heating and Cooling, HVAC services in Ontario, can give you an HVAC assessment today so you can be comfortable in your home this fall season. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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