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Five Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without Overworking Your AC

On hot summer days, air conditioning turns your home into a cool refuge from the elements. However, overuse of your air conditioning system can lead to a high energy bill and overuse of natural resources. Below are five useful tips to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system:

  1. Find the highest comfortable temperature set-point.
    The first step in more sustainable air conditioning use is deciding on the highest comfortable temperature set-point. Even if the temperature difference between inside and outside is minimal, the air conditioning system will dehumidify the air, making it more comfortable.
  2. Sealing your windows. Better seal windows to prevent heat exchange between the indoors and the outdoors.
    In addition to closing windows, close blinds and use light-blocking curtains to buffer heat and light exchange.
  3. Reduce heat generation in your home while your air conditioning is running, especially during the day’s peak heat.
    Replacing incandescent lights with fluorescent and LED lights will limit heat generation and reduce energy use while you are using the lights. When possible, keep the lights off to eliminate unnecessary heat generation. Waiting to run kitchen, laundry, or other appliances until it is cooler outside will reduce stress on the air conditioning system and reduce energy use during peak hours. Depending on the location, energy use during peak hours can be more expensive per kilowatt-hour.
  4. Take a cold shower.
    Taking a cool shower reduces the body temperature and makes a higher air conditioning set point feel comfortable.
  5. Maintenance and potentially upgrade your air conditioning system.
    A professional inspection of your air conditioning system could be a worthy investment towards efficient cooling in your home. Inquire about a new air conditioning unit with Aire One Heating and Cooling, HVAC services in Ontario, to ensure your home is up-to-date and running well to keep your family cool.

For more information about your air conditioning system and HVAC services in Ontario, contact us today to speak with an Aire One Heating and Cooling representative.

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