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Preparing Your Home’s HVAC System for Summer

Now is the time to prepare your HVAC system for the coming summer months. This is important for several reasons. Not only do you want to make sure your home is cool and comfortable throughout the warmer months, but properly preparing the system can help you avoid problems and extend the life of the unit. You can save time by turning to Aire One Heating and Cooling, HVAC services in Southern Ontario, for help with preparing your HVAC system and keeping an eye out for potential problems. If you’re willing to do some hands on work yourself, keep on reading to find out how to prepare your HVAC system for summer.

Remove Covers

Make sure all covers are removed, and inspect the exterior of the unit for damage. You also want to clear away any debris or plants that will block the unit. If your system is covered when you start it, you could end up causing severe damage.

Change Filters

Filters need changed every three to twelve months, depending on the filter. Spring is a great time to get started. Your professional HVAC technician can help you find the right type and size of filter for your system during routine maintenance visits.

Clean the Registers and Supply Vents

It is important to clean all of your system’s ducts and supply vents. This removes all dust and debris that can affect your home’s air quality. It also improves the airflow which results in a more even temperature throughout the house.

Test Your Thermostat

You don’t want to wait until those first warm days to test your thermostat. Spring is also the time to reprogram the thermostat. If you are in need of a new thermostat, our specialists at Aire One, providing HVAC services in Ontario, can upgrade it for you. We can also recalibrate the system if necessary.

Schedule HVAC Services in Ontario

Professional routine maintenance keeps your system working at its best. A certified technician can spot issues you may not notice early on and do any necessary repairs needed. This extends the life of your system, allows you to avoid unexpected breakdowns, and helps you avoid costly repairs later on. To schedule a maintenance appointment, contact us today.

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