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Waste Energy to Hot Water
city multi hydra dan

City Multi Hydra-Dan is a shining example of our commitment to leading-edge HVAC technology. Our advanced Booster and HEX units work with City Multi systems to convert recovered heat energy into hot water for sanitary use or hydronic radiant heating and cooling applications.

City Multi is designed specifically for today’s building requirements and addresses key market issues such as energy efficiency, adaptability and reliability. Whether it’s new construction or retrofitting a building, City Multi provides you with a simple and flexible solution that allows you to precisely control the indoor climate, providing an unsurpassed level of comfort on every project.

City Multi is a multiple split system which consists of one condensing unit and multiple indoor units that provide heating or cooling, or both. All units are connected via two refrigerant pipes filled with environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant and utilize the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology to control the flow of refrigerant. Multiple systems can be linked together via the communication network for advanced control and system management.

City Multi’s Heat Pump systems are capable of switching between heating and cooling mode, providing a constant and comfortable indoor environment at all times. City Multi’s Heat Recovery systems are equipped with the world’s only “2-pipe” heat recovery technology that allows for simultaneous heating and cooling, all the while achieving significant energy cost savings.

With a wide range of indoor unit styles, including ducted and ductless options, you can easily find the perfect match for the design requirements of individual zones. Everything that City Multi offers, including the user-friendly control systems that utilize Internet technology and the integrated indoor fresh air ventilators, make City Multi the benchmark for HVAC solutions.

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